Squash ACT 2024 Autumn Competition
Wednesdays and Thursday nights, from 6:30pm at Dickson or 7:00pm at Woden. 17 Rounds from 13 March to 4 July.

Event information

Late registration for this event closes at Wed 06 Mar 2024 09:00.

Competition nights are Wednesday and Thursday each week from 13 March through to 4 July

You can enter through your local club using one of the following links.  Please note that you will need to be a financial Squash ACT (or Squash NSW) affiliated member with at least a Local Competition membership active to enter.  You will be able to register with your club from the entry page.

Dickson: visit here
SCSC: visit here
Vikings: visit here
Yass: visit here

Once your entry has been accepted by your club, you will be placed in a provisional team which will be submitted to the Competition Committee to set up the divisions for the Pennant.

Please note that competition communication to players will be through MySquashAUS. All players are asked to:
1. Access and respond quickly to MySquashAUS emails related to competition.
2. Make sure competition emails don't end up in JUNK.
3. You need to be a Squash ACT (or Squash NSW) member to register.  Please visit the Club-Finder to get to your club registration page.
ENTRIES CLOSE ON 1 MARCH. Entry fee covers ALL court hire over 17 weeks, balls, prizes and administration. 

1. Players are placed in teams in each division at the discretion of the Competition Committee. Consideration will be given to:
a. A player’s recent playing performance and result history.
b. A player’s potential – while considering future potential has younger players in mind it does not rule out more senior players being given the opportunity to play in a division higher than their Squash Levels Rating.
c. Other matters considered relevant by the Committee.
2. Divisions will NOT be solely determined by Squash Levels rankings.
3. Players wishing to play in a higher division should provide a comment / reason in support of that wish.
4. While the Competition Committee will consider a player’s request to play on a particular competition night, this may not possible.
5. If, because of a player’s night of play request, the Committee is unable to position a player in a division appropriate to the player’s playing ability, the Committee will withdraw the player
from competition. (Before such a decision is made, a committee member will contact the player to discuss the situation.)
6. Players unable to play on a night due to injury, illness, work commitment, holiday, etc MUST give reasonable notice to their team Captain and either ensure that a reserve is found for the night or organise to play the match before the next round. (Players contact Woden or Dickson courts to arrange to play deferred matches at one of these venues.)
– Generally, where a match is not held in that timeframe, the match will be considered a walkover and maximum points awarded to the opponent.
– Where reasonable notice is given and options presented for rescheduling are not accepted, the Committee will rule on what points are awarded.
7. The Competition will adopt a “promotion / relegation” approach whereby the results of this competition will guide next competition season.
8. The Competition Committee’s decisions are final.

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Squash ACT respectfully acknowledges the Traditional Custodians of the lands throughout Australia on which we are on. We pay our respects to Elders past, present and emerging.
We are committed to a positive future for all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities and to honour their ongoing cultural and spiritual connections to this country and recognise the role and value of culture.
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We are a proudly diverse organisation, who actively celebrates LGBTIQ+ diversity, inclusion and pride.